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Conference Phones
  LUCENT100 SoundStation Full Duplex Conference Phone
  LUCENT300 SoundStation EX w/ Microphones
  LUCENT500 SoundStation Premier Full Duplex Conference Phone (w/ Mic Ports)
  LUCENT600 SoundStation Premier Full Duplex Conference Phone (w/ Microphones)
Definity (PBX)
  2410 Avaya Digital Telephone
  2420 Avaya Digital Telephone
  302C Console
  3179-10 CallMaster III Black
  3179-40 CallMaster IV Black
  3179-40W CallMaster IV White
  3179-50G Callmaster V
  6300-SCCL Basic Control Cabinet (J58890L)
  6301-1217A AC Power Supply (SCC)
  6402 Telephone
  6402D Telephone
  6408 8 Button Digital Phone
  6408D+ 8 Button Digital Display Phone
  6416D+ Display Telephone (Gray)
  6416D+M 16 Button Digital Display Phone
  6424D+M 24 Button Digital Display Phone
  7203 Digital Phone
  7403 Digital Phone
  7406 D07 Plus Display with Built-in Speakerphone
  7406D01 Digital Display Phone
  7406D02 Basic Digital Phone
  7406D07 Digital Plus Phone
  7407 D02D Plus Digital Voice Terminal
  7407D02D Digital Plus Phone
  7410 D01 Digital Voice Terminal
  7410D01 Basic Digital Phone
  7410D02 Digital Plus Phone
  7444 D01 Plus Digital Voice Terminal with Display
  8315-C10 Callmaster VI
  8410D Display Telephone
  8434DX Display Telephone w/out Power
  9200-090 6-Port Fiber Expansion Cartridge (NTBB06)
  J58890H Port Cabinet
  J58890N ExpansionControl Cabinet
  J58890T Compact Modular Cabinet Expansion
  TN2181 2-Wire (16-Port) Digital Circuit Pack
  TN2181C Tone-Clock, Tone Detector, and Call Classifier
  TN2182B Tone Clock
  TN2224 2-Wire Digital (24-Port) Circuit Pack
  TN2224B 2-Wire Digital (24-Por)t Circuit Pack
  TN2224CP 2-Wire (24-Port) Digital Circuit Pack
  TN2302AP IP Media Processor w/IP Adapter
  TN2313AP DS1 Interface
  TN2402 Processor for csi
  TN2404 Processor (R9si or later)
  TN2501AP Voice Announcements over LAN (VAL)
  TN464D Universal DS1/ISDN Circuit Pack
  TN464F Universal DS1 / ISDN PRI Interface
  TN464GP Universal DS1/PRI Interface
  TN464HP DS1/ISDN PRI Circuit Pack
  TN556D ISDN-BRI 4-Wire S/T-NT Interface (12-Ports)
  TN742 (8-Port) Analog Line Circuit Pack
  TN746B (16-Port) Analog Circuit Pack
  TN747B (8-Port) Central Office Trunk Circuit Card
  TN750C Announcement Circuit Pack
  TN753B Direct Inward Dialing Trunk (8-Port)
  TN754C 4-Wire DCP Digital Line Circuit Pack (8-Port)
  TN760C Tie Trunk (4-Port)
  TN762B (8-Port) Hybrid Line Circuit Card
  TN767E DS1 / ISDN PRI Interface Circuit Pack
  TN790 Processor (R6 and earlier)
  TN790B Processor (R7 and later si only)
  TN793 (24-Port) Analog Circuit Pack
  TN793B (24-Port) Analog Circuit Pack
  TN793CP 24-Analog Circuit Pack
  TN798B Processor w4MB Flash
  TN799C Control LAN (C-LAN) Interface
  TN799DP Control LAN (C-LAN) Interface
  WP-91153 Power Unit (Single Carrier Cabinet)
IP Telephony
  108576802 4624 IP Telephone (D01) White
  108690470 4612 IP Telephone (D01) White
  1151B1 Power Supply
  3124-HIP Headset Interface Cord (HIP) for 4600 IP Telephones
  3324-GEXU EU24 Key Feature Key Expansion Unit (700203656)
  700059314 4606 IP Telephone (D02) Black
  700059322 4606 IP Telephone (D02) White
  70005935 4612 IP Telephone (D02) Black
  700059397 4624 IP Telephone (D02) Black
  700184773 IP400 Phone 8
  700184807 IP400 Digital Station 16
  700184880 IP400 Digital Station 30
  700185028 IP400 WAN3
  700185226 IP400 Modem 2 Expansion Kit
  700211360 IP400 Analog Trunk 16
  700212186 4620 IP Telephone
  700221260 4602 IP Telephone
  700274673 4610SW IP Telephone
  700345192 4621 IP Telephone
  700345291 5410 Digital Telephone
Magix (Key)
  016 ETR Module
  016 TIP/RING Module
  024 TDL Module
  1.5 Processor Module
  4400D+ Single Line
  4406D+ 6 Button
  4412D+ 12 Button
  4424D+ 24 Button
  4X12 TDL Module
  800 GS/LS Module
Merlin Magix (PBX)
  3156-03BA Legend MLX - 10D Telephone Black
  3156-04BA Legend MLX - 28D Telephone Black
  3156-05B Legend MLX - 20L Telephone Black
  3156-06B Legend MLX - 10DP Telephone Black
  3156-07B Legend MLX - 16DP Telephone Black
  3156-07W Legend MLX - 16DP Telephone White
  3156-0DB Legend MLX - 5D Telephone Black
  3156-DC Legend Direct Station Selector
  3166-DSB Legend BIS 22D Telephone (7315H)
  4400-B06 Magix 4406D+ 6 Button Digital Telephone Black
  4400-B12 Magix 4412D+ 12-Button Digital Telephone Black
  4400-B24 Magix 4424D+ 24-Button Digital Telephone Black
  4400-B50 Merlin DSS 4450 Direct Station Selector
  4424-BLD Magix 4424LD+ 24-Button Digital Telephone Black
  6140-391A3 Legend Power Supply (391A3) / Carrier Power Unit
  6140-P7CU Legend Release 7.0 Control Unit
  6140-PR7 Legend Release 7.0 Processor w/2 MB Flash
  61481 Legend 408 GS/LS ATL Module / 4x8 ATL Ports
  61484 Legend 800 GS/LS Line Module / 8 Line Ports
  61486 Legend 008 MLX Module / 8 MLX Ports
  61490 Legend Expansion Unit
  61491 Legend 100 DS1 Module (T1) w/DS1 to CSU Cable
  61493 Legend 408 GS/LS MLX Module / 4 Line x 8 MLX
  61502 Legend 800 GS/LS-ID (Caller ID) Line Module
  61505 Legend 408 GS/LS-ID/MLX (Caller ID) Module
  61507 Legend 016 Basic Telephone Module w/Ring Generator
  61511R Legend 016 MLX Module / 16 MLX Ports
  61802 Magix 800 GS/LS-ID Module
  61803 Magix 412 TDL Module
  61804 Magix 024 TDL Module
  6180-CAR Magix Basic Carrier
  6180-CU4 Magix Release 4.0 Control Unit
  6180-P30R Magix Release 3.0 Processor
  6180-R3CU Magix Release 3.0 Control Unit
  61811 Magix 016 MLX Module
  61851 Legend 016 ETR Module
  61880 Magix 100 DCD Module with CSU/DSU
  61890 Magix Expansion Carrier w/Power Supply
  7107-304 Legend Mail (007 MLM) 4-Ports
  7107-404 Messaging Release 1.1 (4-Port)
  7107-406 Messaging Release 1.1 (6-Port)
  7107-4PT Messaging Release 4.0 (4-Port)
  7107-6PT Messaging Release 4.0 (6-Port)
  7107-R30R4PT Messaging Release 3.0 (4-Port)
  7107-R30R6PT Messaging Release 3.0 (6-Port)
Partner (Key)
  308 EC Module (No Power Cord)
  3151-05BA MLS - 12 Telephone
  3151-06BA MLS - 12D Telephone
  3151-07 MLS - 18D Telephone
  3151-08 MLS - 34D Telephone
  3151-DB Call Assistant 24
  3158-04BA 6 Button
  3158-04BN 6 Telephone
  3158-05BA 18 Button
  3158-05BN 18 Telephone
  3158-07B 18D Telephone
  3158-07BA 18 Button Display
  3158-08B 34D Telephone
  3159-04 Eurostyle (Series 2) 6D Display Telephone
  3159-07BAN Eurostyle (Series 2) 18D Display Telephone
  3159-08BN Eurostyle (Series 2) 34D Display Telephone
  5 Slot Carrier (No Power Cord)
  60505 400E Module
  60513 400EC Module (Caller ID)
  6054-P60 ACS R6 Processor with Remote Access
  6054-P60E ACS R6 Processor with Standard Backup
  6054-P70 ACS R7 Processor with Remote Access
  6054-P70E ACS R7 Processor with Internal Backup
  6054-SOELT ACS Small Office Package
  60557 ACS 308EC Expansion Module
  60559 ACS 012E Expansion Module
  60561 ACS 5-Slot Carrier R2
  60564-SLM ACS 5-Slot Carrier-Slim Style (No Cover)
  60606 206 R1 Control Unit / Module
  60606A 206 R2 Control Unit / Module
  6060CUE Partner Carrier
  60623 ACS 2-Slot Carrier
  60626 206E Release 3.0
  60631E 206E Release 3.1
  60632R Partner II 206EC Module (Caller ID)
  60634 200E Module
  6108-100B Mail VS R3.0 (2-port x 10 mailbox)
  6108-100B Mail VS R 3.0 (2-port x 20 mailbox)
  6108-300 Mail VS R 1.0/3.0 (10-Mailbox EC)
  6108-334A Mail VS R4.0/4.1 ( 2-Ports x 20-Mailbox EC)
  6108-364A Mail VS R4.0/4.1 ( 4-Ports x 20-Mailbox EC)
  6108-374A Mail VS R4.0/4.1 ( 4-Ports x 40 Mailbox EC)
  6108-412 Mail VS R 4.1 (2-port x 10 mailbox)
  6108-422 Mail VS R 4.1 (2-port x 20 mailbox)
  6108-424 Mail VS R 4.1 (4-port x 20 mailbox)
  6108-444 Mail VS R 4.1 (4-port x 40 mailbox)
  6108-542A Mail VS R 5.0 (2-port x 48 mailbox)
  6108-543 Mail VS R 5.0 4-Port Upgrade Card
  6108-544A Mail VS R 5.0 (4-port x 48 mailbox)
  6108-546 Voice Messaging PC Card Release 2.0 Large 2 Port x 4 Mailbox
  6108-547 Voice Messaging PC Card Release 3.0 Small 2 Port x 4 Mailbox
  6108-548R Voice Messaging PC Card Release 3.0 Large 2 Port x 16 Mailbox
  70026058-4PT Messaging Module Release 6.0--4-Port
  700262058-2PT Messaging Module Release 6.0--2-Port
  700262058-6PT Messaging Module Release 6.0--6-Port
  7068-6072 Messaging Module Release 7.0--2-Port
  7068-6074 Messaging Module Release 7.0--4-Port
  7068-6076 Messaging Module Release 7.0--6-Port
  9200-080 2-Port Fiber Expansion Cartridge (NTBB02)
  ACS Processor (No Power Cord)

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