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Meridian (PBX)
  M2008B Non-Display Basic Phone
  M2008B H/F Non-Display Basic Hands Free Phone
  M2008D Telephone
  M2008D H/F Display Hands Free Phone
  M2216 Telephone
  M2250 Attendant Console
  M2616 Non-Display Basic Phone
  M2616D Display Phone
  M3901 Telephone
  M3902 Telephone
  M3903 Telephone
  M3904 Telephone
  M3905 Telephone
  NT5D12AG Universal DTI / PRI Card
  NT8D02GA 16 Port Digital Card
  NT8D09BA 16 Port Analog Card
  NT8D14BB Trunk Card
  NT8D14CA Universal Trunk Card
Norstar (Key)
  0X16 Station Mod Fiber
  0X32 KSU w/ 5.0 Software
  0x32 KSU w Release 3.0 Software 0x32 KSU w Release 3.0 Software
  6 Port Fiber Expansion Module 6 Port Fiber Expansion Module
  6-Port Expansion Fiber
  9100-020 Analog Trunk Cartridge LS/DS (NT7B75)
  9100-030 Analog Trunk Cartridge LS/DS w/Caller ID (NT7B75A)
  9100-062 Combination Services Cartridge (NTBB04GC)
  9100-CU7 CICS Release 7.0 (4x16) w/Caller ID
  9200-011X MICS Release 7.0 (0x32)
  9200-040 12x0 Fiber Trunk Module (NTBB20)
  9200-050 0x16 Fiber Station Module (NTBB41)
  9200-060 0x8 Analog Station Module (NTBB51CA)
  9200-100 Combination 6-Port Services Cartridge (NTBB25)
  9200-120 Digital Trunk Interface Cartridge - DTI (NT7B74)
  9200-130 ISDN-PRI Enabler Soft Key (NTAB2769)
  9200-140 Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Trunk Cartridge (NT5B37)
  9300-001 CallPilot 100 R3.0 4-Port x 10 Mailbox (NTAB9866)
  9400-01X M7100 Telephone (NT8B14)
  9400-030 M7208 Telephone (NT8B30) Black/Ash
  9400-050R M7310 Telephone (NT8B20) Black
  9400-055R M7310 Telephone (NT8B20) Ash
  9400-070 M7324 Telephone (NT8B42) Black
  9400-10X Central Answering Position - CAP (NT8B41)
  9500-01X T7100 Telephone (NT8B25)
  9500-030 T7208 Telephone (NT8B26) Charcoal
  9500-035 T7208 Telephone (NT8B26) Platinum
  9500-070 T7316E Enhanced Telephone (NT8B27) Charcoal
  9500-075 T7316E Enhanced Telephone (NT8B27) Platinum
  9500-079R T7316 Telephone (NT8B27) Charcoal
  9500-080R T7316 Telephone (NT8B27) Platinum
  9600-010 T7406 Cordless Telephone w/Base Station (NT8B45AAAA)
  9600-015 T7406 Cordless Telephone (NT8B45AAAB)
  Caller ID Trunk Cartridge Caller ID Trunk Cartridge
  CICS w/ 4.2 Software
  Fiber Trunk Module Fiber Trunk Module
  Flash 2 Voice Mail
  Flash 4 Voice Mail
  Key Lamp Module Key Lamp Module
  LS/DS Card 4-Port
  M7208 Norstar Phone
  M7310 Norstar Phone
  M7324 Norstar Phone
  M7410 Cordless Phone
  NT7B53FA93 MICS Release 6.1 (0x32)
  NTBB51CB 0x8 Analog Station Module - Message Waiting (NTBB51CB)
  NTBU0528 CICS Release 6.1 (4x16)
  NTMN32GA M3902 Basic Telephone
  NTMN33GA M3903 Enhanced Telephone
  NTMN34GA M3904 Professional Telephone
  NTMN35GA M3905 Call Center Telephone
  T7208 Telephone
  T7316 Telephone

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