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  6108-543    Avaya / Lucent / AT&T    Mail VS R 5.0 4-Port Upgrade Card

  6108-546    Avaya / Lucent / AT&T    Voice Messaging PC Card Release 2.0 Large 2 Port x 4 Mailbox

  6108-547    Avaya / Lucent / AT&T    Voice Messaging PC Card Release 3.0 Small 2 Port x 4 Mailbox

  6108-548R    Avaya / Lucent / AT&T    Voice Messaging PC Card Release 3.0 Large 2 Port x 16 Mailbox

  TN747B    Avaya / Lucent / AT&T    (8-Port) Central Office Trunk Circuit Card

  TN762B    Avaya / Lucent / AT&T    (8-Port) Hybrid Line Circuit Card

  LS/DS Card    Nortel    4-Port

  NT5D12AG    Nortel    Universal DTI / PRI Card

  NT8D02GA    Nortel    16 Port Digital Card

  NT8D09BA    Nortel    16 Port Analog Card

  NT8D14BB    Nortel    Trunk Card

  NT8D14CA    Nortel    Universal Trunk Card

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