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  3124-HIP    Avaya / Lucent / AT&T    Headset Interface Cord (HIP) for 4600 IP Telephones

  0452    GN Netcom    2 Prong Plug Adapter

  0686    GN Netcom    In-Line Adapter

  0686M    GN Netcom    In-Line Adapter w/ Mute

  405-00    GN Netcom    Convertible Headset

  405-FLEX    GN Netcom    Convertible Headset w/ Flex Boom

  405-UNC    GN Netcom    Convertible Headset w/ Ultra Noise Cancelling Microphone

  805-FLEX    GN Netcom    Behind Neck / Under Chin Headset

  ADP-I    GN Netcom    Monaural Headset

  ADP-II    GN Netcom    Binaural Headset

  ELLIPSE    GN Netcom    2.4 GHz Cordless Base (Requires Headset)

  HT-1    GN Netcom    Headset Telephone (Requires Headset)

  MPA II    GN Netcom    Multi-Purpose Adapter

  OPG-1N    GN Netcom    Optima Monaural Headset w/ GN Quick Disconnect

  OPG-2N    GN Netcom    Optima Binaural Headset w/ GN Quick Disconnect

  500A-1    Plantronics    One Touch Adapter

  A20    Plantronics    Telephone Headset System

  CA10    Plantronics    Cordless Telephone Headset Amplifier

  H101    Plantronics    Binaural Headset

  H101N    Plantronics    Noise Canceling Binaural Headset

  H141    Plantronics    Convertible Headset

  H31    Plantronics    Over-the-Ear Headset

  H31N    Plantronics    Noise Canceling Over-the-Ear Headset

  H41    Plantronics    Headset

  H41N    Plantronics    Noise Canceling Headset

  H51    Plantronics    Monaural Headset

  H51N    Plantronics    Noise-Canceling Monaural Headset

  H61    Plantronics    Binaural Headset

  H61N    Plantronics    Noise Canceling Binaural Headset

  H81    Plantronics    Over-the-Ear Headset

  H81N    Plantronics    Noise Canceling Over-the-Ear Headset

  H91    Plantronics    Monaural Headset

  H91N    Plantronics    Noise-Canceling Monaural Headset

  MX10    Plantronics    Headset Switcher Multimedia Amplifier

  S20    Plantronics    Telephone Headset System

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